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Beat Procrastination This New Year

Procrastination, a long word. Is this bothering you? I believe that procrastination is something or a condition that bothers almost anyone at one point or another. Usually the way I fight procrastination is to give myself the extra 'push' to do what I am suppose to do. For Example, if it is a jog which I want to do, then I just put on my jogging attire, my music and get out of the house. The longer I stay not moving out of the house, the probability of not going for that jog will get higher. This article shares some steps which you may find useful to help you fight procrastination.

It’s a New Year with probably yet another long list of resolutions. But will you actually do them? Or are you the type of person that has the best of intentions and sets goals but can never seem to get started on them, or you half-start them and never find the time or motivation to finish them?

Well don't worry, you're not alone! We all suffer from procrastination at some point in our life. The good news is that there is a cure. Just think “SNOW” and follow these 4 steps:


The reason you procrastinate is because the emotional force or feeling isn’t strong enough to propel you to take action forward. A positive feeling is being counteracted by a negative feeling, making you feel neutral, unmotivated and leaving you sitting on the fence. The problem comes when we feel guilty about it. This adds to the emotional hot pot! So the first step is to simply STOP rather than struggle.


Be observant. What is it that you’re actually avoiding? What is driving the negative emotion or feeling for the activity at hand? What are you afraid might happen? Writers are notorious procrastinators. With good intentions they’ll sit down in front of the key board, but will quickly become distracted by the pile of washing in the corner, that layer of dust on the shelves and those dishes that need washing. For writers, usually it’s the fear of not writing anything readable that stops them from writing at all. This is the counter-force. Notice what your counter-force is.


When you bring order into a situation, it is incredible how it can make things feel a little simpler. So the best thing to do is to is take out a piece of paper and simply write a list of all the steps involved. The secret is to break them down into really detailed small steps (e.g., take the file off the shelf, place it on the table, open it to page 10, etc.). You’ll find yourself whizzing through your list and it’s this momentum that carries you through the rest of the task.


Yes, you read correctly. Once you’ve written your list, simply take the first step and whistle while you work. Try it doing it now without smiling! You’ll notice that it quickly shifts your mood and makes you realize how ridiculous you’re being. It’ll help you take that all important first step, and then motivate you to move on to the next one. By taking small steps forward, before you know it you’ll have finished completely. And what’s more, you would have done it with a smile on your face too!

Finally, don’t let procrastination hold you back from reaching your goals and highest potential this year. If you’d like some extra support and inspiration to stay motivated and on track, why not sign up for my free downloadable One Big Gulp! Kit, which you will find at Remember, it’s your life, your choice, so live your greatest life!

About the Author: Gabriella Goddard is a leading success coach and author of the top selling book Gulp!: the 7 day crash course to master fear and break through any challenge. Her clients include senior executives, career professionals, TV presenters, authors and entrepreneurs. She invites readers to sign up for her free One Big Gulp! Kit at

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