Thursday, September 28, 2006

Area of Control in Life

Quite an interesting analogy I got in my mailbox today and thought I would like to share with you this interesting analogy. Choosing what to focus on in life can indeed make a different in your life.

Every day every second we are bombarded with different incident that need our attention. Have we observed closely how we respond to each incident? I realized there is always 2 areas of focus, that is area within and not within my control. For instance, I might I have taken a wrong route to a destination. By keep blaming myself for taking the wrong route and still feeling bad for the wasted time, I'm focusing on area not within my control as what has happened cannot be reverted through blaming myself. If I spend time revising my route for the return the trip, I will avoid the wrong route, Here I'm focusing on area within my control. Making the
right focus made me more intelligent and more efficient.

For majority of thet people in the world, their main focus is to complete 9 - 6 regular working the same routine every day. I would describe them as tree cutter who would reuse the same axe, even though edges are blunt, cutting tree from morning till evening,. They are focusing on area not within their control as they restrict themselves within a routine. There is another kind of people who spend morning sharpening their axe and cut more trees in the afternoon within a shorter time. The sharper the edge of axe is, the more efficient the work is going to be carried out. They are focus on their sharpening their skill and hence area within their control. Do you belong to first kind of people or second one?
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